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A Versatile Technology Platform

The core of our technology, like absorption refrigeration, involves the movement of water vapor and its associated heat of vaporization.  Unlike absorption refrigeration, our technology can be driven by environmental heat, meaning that its ability to do work is not limited by available grid power or fuel - just water.

The atmosphere absorbs more than 40,000 TW of energy from the sun.  Our technology is designed to acquire and use this energy via two independent stages.  Stage 1 involves using solutions with differing amounts of dissolved solute and environmental heat to generate movement and thermal gradients.  Stage 2 involves using evaporation to reconcentrate diluted solutions. Both processes use environmental heat and, once primed, proceed spontaneously, increasing entropy.  The first process generates work while the second does the work of recharging the system.

A demo unit comprising two mason jars and differing water solutions.

The Kazadi Enterprises' Technology Platform comprises five components based on patented or patent-pending technologies:
  • Entrochemical Amplifier

The Entrochemical Amplifier is a device that absorbs water vapor at one temperature and produces water vapor at a second, elevated temperature.  The process is entirely driven by an increase in the overall entropy, and requires no outside energy other than that required to set up the conditions.

  • Condenser

The Condenser receives relatively high temperature water vapor and enables its condensation on a surface that is actively cooled by the entrochemical process.  The condenser also enables absorption and utilization of environmental thermal energy for Stage 1 entrochemical devices.


  • Degasser

The Degasser removes dissolved air from water and aqueous solutions.  It achieves this using very little energy, measured at more than one order of magnitude less than the energy requirements of thermal degassing systems.


  • Solar Chimney

The Solar Chimney creates airflow that enables the evaporation of water from solution, regenerating the high concentration solution.  The solution can then be reused in the amplifier.

  • Embeddable Generator

The Embeddable Generator transforms airflow moving to and from the amplifier into electricity.

Peer Reviewed Papers and Patents

Our technology is supported by research and protected with a growing number of patents.


The first paper "rediscovering" the physical effect.

The first paper describing the energy cycle.

Development of the entrochemical thermal battery.

A prototypical entrochemical distiller.

Improvements to the solar chimney.


Patent number 7,501,922

Patent number 8,338,976

Patent number 9,702,573

Patent number 9,702,633

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