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Image by Claudio Schwarz


In 1857, Pierre Carre invented the first refrigerators, decades before compression-based refrigerators were invented. These refrigerators, called absorption refrigerators, did not have motors or compressors and spawned a number of innovations, even catching the serious attention of Albert Einstein. Like all refrigerators, these refrigerators need a source of energy, which is generally provided by high temperature heat. The heat can come from sources which include electrical power, concentrated sunlight, and combustion-based heat.

But what if the energy to drive these refrigerators came from the heat in the air?  Instead of being tethered to a power grid or a fuel supply chain, refrigeration could be placed anywhere. Kazadi Enterprises’ refrigeration solution is not susceptible to power failures, issues around cost or supply chains, and can serve people who are not currently served by refrigerators. Our technology opens new cold chains, strengthen existing ones, and reduces the stress on businesses and institutions that rely on refrigeration.


Kazadi Enterprises Ltd. is developing new refrigerators that solve these myriad of issues. Our refrigerators reduce the electrical power needed to cool by leveraging the heat in the air as an energy source. This means that refrigeration is less dependent on electrical power, is more inexpensive to use, and can be placed in locations where refrigeration is not readily available today.

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